Translating the past

Translating the past

One of Jenny's first major projects was the translation of a coin catalogue including information about historical Indian coins. It included contemporary diplomatic correspondence. Another major project consisted of nineteenth century handwritten manuscripts written by travellers in foreign parts.

To a historical geographer by training these geographies of the past are very interesting. Both projects required a great deal of additional research. Place names are interesting because the same place can have several different names depending on language and time. Handwritten historical manuscripts require some experience of palaeography. Jenny has built up experience through many years of family history research. Having traced her family back to the fifteenth century she has become used to reading many documents in different hands dating from the early twentieth back to the late fifteenth century. The other problem with historical documents is the fact that the writing may have faded in places, flecking on the paper might look like accents or letter extensions and pages may be torn or contain holes. Filling in the gaps requires a good knowledge of the language to be able to work out what is missing.

In 2012 Jenny completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Family and Local History with the University of Dundee. She studied modules in skills and sources and Enlgish and Scottish Palaeography and Diplomatics.

Jenny offers translation of historical material or texts about historical subjects, musuem and tourist information etc. 


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