Geography and the Environment

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Geography and the environment

Geography is a very broad subject . Jenny has a degree in Geography and taught the subject for many years. She also studied Geology. As a translation student she chose to translate an article about birds in the South of France and the disappearance of their habitats. She discovered that the best way to translate the names of birds is to go to their scientific name. She has a continuing interest in wildlife and enjoys walking around her homes in Hampshire and southern Spain.

As a geographer she has an abiding interest in the environment, ecology, environmental policy, green issues and environmental law. She is also interested in landscape change, as a result of human or physical action, planned and unplanned.

She has an interest in human and animal migration both now and in the past. This is related to population studies, rural and urban development, travel and tourism. 

Jenny has translated a large number of environmental reports and other documents relating to the environment, transport (road, rail, air and water) and tourism.

Jenny can help with translations of an environmental or geographic nature, where an understanding of physical processes, topography, landscape, geology etc. are concerned as well as planning and other materials of a spatial nature involving human activity.

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